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These three words ultimately shape the way we do business at Tri Tech Refrigeration; the way we interact with our clients, people and suppliers, our choice of products, the way we deliver our services and our way of thinking.

Established in 1989, Tri Tech Refrigeration is a proud leader in the delivery of industrial and commercial refrigeration, and air conditioning systems, to clients across Australasia. We specialise in design and engineering, construction, service and maintenance, refrigeration equipment leasing and second-hand equipment.

Our client base is diverse, which highlights our unique skill to be able to adapt to any industry type. With our network of offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Tasmania, Bendigo, Mildura and New Zealand, Tri Tech Refrigeration is able to attend to your needs, wherever you are located.

We are passionate, personable and place considerable value on the Tri Tech Refrigeration service experienced by our clients.

Our Philosophy

We have thought long and hard about what is important to us as a business. How do we want our clients, people and suppliers to feel when they are dealing with Tri Tech Refrigeration? What do we want them to remember? We kept coming back to one simple concept – the Tri Tech Refrigeration ‘Experience’.

And so we came up with five key elements that would shape the Tri Tech Refrigeration ‘Experience’. These elements form the basis of our business philosophy and ultimately influence the way we interact and behave.

  1. We listen to our clients and value quality long-term partnerships.
  2. We provide our clients with cost effective, value-based solutions.
  3. We provide our people with a safe, engaging and personally rewarding work environment.
  4. We work closely with our suppliers to promote efficiencies and maximise dual benefits.
  5. We focus on innovation across all aspects of our projects.

Our business philosophy may seem relatively straightforward at first glance, however each of these elements must work together to be effective. Should any one of these work in isolation, then we are not fulfilling our commitment to our stakeholders.


With Tri Tech Refrigeration.