So your most valuable asset has been meticulously designed, engineered and installed. Does our service stop here? Definitely not!

Plant and equipment needs to be routinely serviced to help prevent those unforeseen breakdowns or faults. Routine servicing will also ensure your plant and equipment is functioning at its optimum capacity at all times.

We use the latest in technology to identify and ward off potential issues before they arise and have the ability to troubleshoot your plant anytime, anywhere.

Our preventative maintenance packages are extensive and include:

  • Ammonia Relief Valve Inspections and Re-Calibrations
  • Annual Maintenance
  • Compressor Overhauls
  • Electrical Equipment Servicing (including VSDs)
  • Laser Alignments
  • Oil Analysis
  • Period Inspections (as per OEM requirements)
  • Refrigerant Leak Detection
  • Refrigerant Probe Calibrations and Certifications
  • Phase-Out Gases Retrofitting
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Temperature Probe Calibrations
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Water Treatment
  • Switchboard Thermal Imaging

We provide...

our people with a safe, engaging and personally rewarding work environment.

We listen...

to our clients and value quality, long-term partnerships.

We focus...

on innovation across all aspects of our projects.


With Tri Tech Refrigeration.